Ebike week 8: Mixed success

06/28/20 15:20:00

It all works until it doesn't

Ebike week 7: Progress

06/17/20 00:09:00

It's all starting to come together

Ebike week 5: Mech prototype

06/05/20 20:38:00

Wheels within wheels attached to other wheels

Ebike week 3 (OK, 4): Mockups

05/29/20 19:00:00

Prototype prints and bearing bosses

Ebike week 2: Drive

05/13/20 17:43:00

CAD and cogs

Ebike week 1: Electricals

05/05/20 13:00:00

Making the pixies dance

Pi Wars T-26: Challenge Accepted

03/03/20 00:26:00

Minimum Viable Pi Wars

Pi Wars T-34: Attachment Part II

02/24/20 01:09:00


Pi Wars T-38: Attachments part I

02/20/20 23:59:00

Plagiarism is the sincerest form of flattery

Pi Wars T-44: Body work redux

02/14/20 00:59:00

Some body to go with

Pi Wars T-54: Meta-blog

02/04/20 23:40:00

Blogs about blogs about blogs

Pi Wars T-61: Progress

01/28/20 23:45:00

Are we nearly there yet?

Pi Wars T-70: Back in the saddle

01/19/20 23:30:00

Finally finished festive fettling

Pi Wars Week -16: Body work?

12/15/19 01:00:00

Retreating into our shell

Pi Wars Week -17: Grab bag

12/08/19 02:00:00

Software, hardware, cardware

Pi Wars Week -18: Into The Light

11/28/19 23:00:00

More autonomous challenge prep

Pi Wars Week -20: Back in the driving seat

11/17/19 22:37:00

Back from hiatus,

Pi Wars Week -22: Mixed Success

11/03/19 23:00:00

Triumphs and tribulations

Pi Wars Week -23: CV Self assessment

10/28/19 20:46:00

Because computer vision is taxing

Pi Wars Week -23: Inner Vision

10/24/19 22:30:00

Standing on the shoulders of giants

Pi Wars Week -24: State of play

10/14/19 23:22:00

A quick recap of where we are hardware- and software-wise

Pi Wars Week -25: Foiled!

10/10/19 23:30:00

My cunning plan has a hole in it

Pi Wars Week -25: Tagliatelle

10/09/19 00:50:00

Ribbon cables and breakout boards

Pi Wars Week -26: De-spaghettification

10/02/19 00:59:00

Soldering and streamlining

Pi Wars Week -27: Peak Spaghetti

09/26/19 01:29:00

Belated blog about building bird's nests

Pi Wars Week -28: What's in a name?

09/21/19 01:21:00

Wherein the robot learns to drive and gets its numberplate

Pi Wars Week -28: A career in modelling

09/16/19 23:00:00

Monday night mini blog: making models

Pi Wars Week -29: OpenCV tools

09/11/19 23:19:00

Throwback Thursday: 2018's target tuning tools

Pi Wars week -29: Blinkin' Lights

09/10/19 00:09:00

Monday night mini blog

Pi Wars week -30: Coding Practice

09/06/19 23:15:00

The F-word... failsafe

Pi Wars week -30: Turning wheels

09/03/19 00:09:00

Monday night mini blog: motor madness

Pi Wars week -31: Taking Stock

08/29/19 23:59:59

The start of something beautiful

Copper Pipe Plant Pot Stand

08/29/19 22:30:16

Plumbing parts give your plant pot pride of place

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