Ebike week 7: Progress

This week fortnight I have:

  • soldered up all my breadboarded electronics onto a stripboard, slightly less unsuitable for mounting on bike handlebars


  • designed this trick sliding dovetail box to mount the electronics on my handlebars and printed it in the first of my new black filament. Of course, I designed it slightly too small so it doesn't fit everything with the lid on, but look at that little tiny thumb turn catch! So cute

electronics box CAD

  • Replaced my flimsy two-part 3d printed axle collars with proper metal ones with grub screws, to keep the jackshaft captive in the right position, and trimmed the stupidly long end of the shaft protruding from the gearbox so now I can actually ride the bike with it fitted

trimmed gearbox

  • Found out the hard way that breaking #25 chain without a chain breaker is hard, but not nearly as hard as it would be without a vise

  • Assembled everything on the bike and turned the wheel under motor power (racing against an oncoming thunderstorm, hence the messy setup and rushed framing leading to Vertical Video Syndrome again)

all fitted

Click to embiggen

It's still not quite rideable yet, mostly because the belt pulley is only friction fit on the freewheel bearing so it won't transmit any torque, but we're getting close to a first ride. The entire gearbox also flexes a worrying amount when there's tension on the chain, so the second revision will need some extra bracing to keep it in place and avoid skippage.