Copper Pipe Plant Pot Stand


Like a proper millennial, my inspiration for this project came from a lifestyle blog - specifically, this article. I have a very similar plant pot and similar taste in interior design, so this seemed like a good project to test my metal-mangling skills.


Quite a simple bill of materials: this project requires

  • Two straight copper pipes, about 70cm long
  • Bendable copper coil, about 1.5m in total
  • Four copper tees
  • Glue suitable for use on metal (I used JB Weld)
  • Hacksaw (or pipe cutter if available)
  • Metal polish, eg. Brasso
  • Clear lacquer
  • Something for making a circle jig out of

The last one is only crucial if you care about smooth curves (and don't own a pipe bender). I used compasses to draw a circle the size of my plant pot on some scrap plywood and cut it out with the jigsaw. This then served as the form for me to bend the curved sections of pipe around.


Using compasses or something circular the appropriate size, draw out a circle on your plywood and cut it with the jigsaw. Nail/screw this to a flat base and you have a jig you can bend the copper coil around. I used a hole saw (and a whole lot of swearing) to cut a circular hole in my jig so I could get the end of a bar clamp in to hold the pipe in place while I was bending it, because this job seems to need three or four hands.


Once you have four semicircular sections of the right radius and your straight pipes cut to length, it's time to get polishing. Ideally do this when you're actually ready to start assembling - if you do what I did and leave the pipe sitting around for a week, it will tarnish and you'll have to polish it again.


Glue two of the semicircles and two tees together to form the bottom ring. Glue the straight sections into the middle legs of the tee, and repeat to form the top ring. Set it somewhere flat and level for the glue to set, and you'll want to weigh down the sides of the bottom ring to make sure it sits flat - otherwise the tee fittings will be the only points of contact with the ground and the whole thing will rock side to side.


Finally, once the whole thing is dry, add a clear topcoat if you want it to keep its shiny look. If you're after a more grimy industrial look, feel free to skip this step.

Stick the plant pot in, and admire your handiwork.