Pi Wars Week -28: What's in a name?

Not a lot of 'splaining to do this time, as I've mostly been working on infrastucture-type things.

Theming-wise, while trying to think of a numberplate for my Regal-themed bot, I realised that if I do the usual trick of turning the vowels in the word "reliant" into numbers, I get... 3 14. It's clearly a sign. Therefore I've decided to officially name this robot...



The three important additions to the robot which will let it go off and have its own adventures are:

  • Mezzanine structure over the motor drivers/5V reg, currently just holding a 2S battery and voltmeter
  • Actual rolling castor wheels at the front, rather than the ball castor I was testing with previously which had way too much drag on carpet
  • One time-of-flight infra-red distance sensor in a tiny breadboard on the left wing


also hardware

With those combined, it can drive around on the floor without being tethered to a bench power supply and figure out where it is (well, relative to a wall on the left, anyway). As a quick test of the steering capability I wrote some test code which would take a single analog trigger input for speed, and use the left distance for steering input trying to maintain a constant distance. The results:

So, that done I'm going to have to do a bit more head-scratching to figure out how I'm going to squeeze another two distance sensors, camera, Arduino, I2C multiplexer board and blinky LEDs onto this increasingly crowded base plate. I'll also definitely have to do something about the amount of blue-tak I used putting it together, which the keen-eyed might spot in the photos above. You know it's bad when zip-ties would be an improvement.