Pi Wars Week -26: De-spaghettification

The theme of this week has been wire wrangling: deciding the wiring diagram for the proto hat, stripping and soldering all the necessary wires to connect the headers, and pinning a lot of DuPont connectors for the various component leads.



The end result is extremely tense shoulders from hunching over a soldering iron/strippers/crimpers, and a nice neat robot. The new layout should hopefully be more resilient, more compact (letting me actually fit the shell on) and easier to work on when I need to remove and replace bits.


Note the lack of any distance sensors at the moment: flush with success making the proto hat, I started making a breakout board for the I2C multiplexer, but quickly realised the way I was trying to do it (soldering uninsulated stranded wire to a protoboard) was stupid and was never going to work particularly well. That part will have to wait until some more stripboard arrives, but in the mean time I've got the OLED display working for a status display, and now that there's a space to plug in the camera cable, there's the small matter of image processing for the autonomous challenges.