Pi Wars Week -24: State of play

This week I've mostly been buttoning up the remaining bits of hardware and wiring. I'd say the bot is now in a functionally complete state, meaning it has all the sensors and other electronic bits it needs to be usable. As it is right now I could enter into at least the obstacle course and Pi noon challenges, and it could have a very shaky attempt at the Lava Palaver and Escape Route.

The hardware making all this possible:


The screen is wired up to a minimal menu that lets me enter and leave challenges, which (another idea taken from previous years) all start in "neutral" mode, in which they won't turn the motors on. A challenge has to be "armed" with the triangle button before it will start moving the bot, and leaving a challenge always switches it to neutral. Check out the startup sequence to drive it here:

With all this infrastructure in place, I can

  • start more serious work on the autonomous challenge code
  • print the rest of the shell and see if it all actually fits

The place I was planning to mount the camera (behind the windscreen) is way too far back to be practical, so I might be going for a hot rod-style hood scoop. Mad Max, anyone?


British classics with custom guts, it's a winning combination