Pi Wars T-70: Back in the saddle

Why hello there, esteemed blog reader. It's been a while, hasn't it? I like what you've done with your hair.

Before Christmas, I was feeling very pleased with myself for getting R3L14NT's shell finished, a big milestone I'd been anticipating for a long time that I naively thought would mark the "final bot frame" milestone. But the shell, like a man in a lab coat on an episode of old Top Gear, presented me with a series of challenges.

How were the distance sensors going to sense distance? How was I going to be able to see the OLED screen? Where would all the wires go?

The result

The result

The result of this process was several weeks of measuring, 3d printing, cursing, altering, re-printing, and a lot of ahem hand-finishing on the parts I'd already made. I'll go into more detail about the various aspects of the changes I've made in future posts, but the headlines are:

It's actually got three wheels now (the front one is a caster from an Argos desk)

Three wheels

I rearranged the back mezzanine to give space for a bigger battery, complete with new power distribution that wasn't taken from a crashed tricopter

Junk in the trunk

Crimped rings

50% more volts, 100% more nanotechs and an as-yet-unquantified % more speed

2s and 3s

A lot of wires in a small space

Bestest spaghett

Hard-mounted OLED screen with a cutout in the side of the shell, which I'm calling the screen door and you can't stop me

screen door

Jousting bumper attachment, with attachment points that should let me also attach barrel-grabbing and zombie-blasting attachments.

Jousting bumper

So, that's what I've been doing for the past four weeks or so. Expect posts about the chassis changes, power distribution and new layout, along with my tentative plans for the attachments I'll need for as-yet unattempted challenges.