Pi Wars T-26: Challenge Accepted

A quick update on progress over this week:

The concept of minimum viable product refers to the simplest, cheapest and otherwise easiest thing to produce which satisfies your requirements. I'm trying to avoid my tendency from previous years to get bogged down in obsessively tuning for one specific challenge, so I'm aiming to have a MVP for each challenge as soon as possible so I know I can at least enter every one.

This week, Mark from Tauradigm brought his mockup Mineseeper arena to Hitchin for a practise session, and I managed to produce some code that would drive to an illuminated mine at least half the time and only rarely get stuck in corners and need rescuing. No video, so you'll have to take my word for it, but if I had to run that code on the day I'm reasonably confident I would get more than zero points- minimum viable product.



I also got the multi-shot ball flinger (more of a ball trundler, to be honest) working and actually remembered to film that in action:

Zombies, be afraid

Could it be improved? Yes. Could it also knock over a zombie at a distance of 1.5m if Pi Wars were held tomorrow? Also yes.

This means the only challenge remaining that I couldn't attempt right now is... Eco Disaster. How hard can that be?